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One on One Fit Studio in West Springfield is western mass only place for results driven mini bootcamps!

The problem with most bootcamps, or any group fitness class, is that you show up when you want and pay a low $5-$10 fee each time you feel like coming.  There are two problems here:

When you show up when you want and there is no set schedule, this breeds inconsistency.  We all know that when it comes to fitness and getting results you need to be consistent.  

When an instructor let’s you come when you want and charges a super low $5-$10 fee or uses "punch cards" they need at least 15-25 people in the class to make any money.  When there are 15-25 people in the classes you get lost in the shuffle.  It’s hard to talk to your trainer, never mind asking for adjustments to make it easier/harder for your fitness level, or to work around any injuries/limitations you may have.  If classes are not adjusted to your fitness level, once again it's harder to get results.

 At One on One Fit Studio we focus on getting you results.  We are true fitness professionals who thrive on helping clients reach their goals.  We are reservation only classes and we limit our class size so they do not get overcrowded.  We come up with a schedule/plan for you and expect you to show up and get the job done.

Don’t get me wrong our classes are still very affordable, less than what most people spend on going out to lunch every month.  We are a program that focuses on not only giving you good consistent workouts, but we give you your entire plan for what you should be doing outside our classes as well.  We know that it’s just as important what you are doing outside our studio as it is what you are doing in it. 

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Remember 60 days from now you could be 5-10lbs heavier or you could be 20-40lbs lighter and in the best shape of your life!

Bootcamp Meeting Times
Monday/Friday 6am
Tuesday/Thursday 12:15-12:45pm
Tuesday/Wed/Friday 5:30-6pm
Monday/Wednesday 7pm
Saturday 9am

We also do small group training by appointment so if you have a couple of friends we can make a specific time just for you.

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Bootcamp West Springfield is part of One on One Fitness located at 1346 Elm Street in West Springfield.  West Springfield Bootcamp is western mass only results driven bootcamp location.  For more info about One on One Fitness or our private personal training check out our main page at

Trainer Pete and his crew of the best educated and certified personal trainers in western mass have been helping people shed body fat, lose weight, and get in the best shape of their lives since One on One Fitness opened in early 2004.

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Personal Trainer West Springfield is One on One Fit Studio's Site for people who are ready to get the professional help from a educated trainer.  We have helped thousands of people from West Springfield, Agawam, Springfield, Westfield, and Chicopee get results and change their lives for the better since 2004!
One on One Fit Studio is located at 1346 Elm Street in West Springfield, Ma.
(413) 330-3597